What are best enzymes?

It can be defined as digestive enzymes to all protein molecules secreted by the body that are involved in the digestion of food and that allow to accelerate (or catalyze) its degradation into smaller particles (nutrients) to be able to pass into the blood. The best enzymes are proteins that occur within living organisms and are specialized in favor or to enable specific reactions of metabolism. In general, they can be classified in a practical way into three groups:

Digestive: they allow our body to efficiently take advantage of the nutrients in the foods that make up the diet. These enzymes are secreted throughout the digestive tract.

Metabolic: They are produced inside the cells of the body and contribute to the elimination of waste substances and toxins; they intervene in processes of obtaining energy, the regeneration of cells and the proper functioning of our immune system.

Dietetics or enzymes of food: They are part of the composition of raw foods; most enzymes are destroyed by the action of heat. They favor the digestive processes and the functioning of the other enzymes.

What are best enzymes for?

These best enzymes are extremely important to carry out the nutrition process, because if they do not work properly or are not in adequate quantity, the process called malabsorption occurs, in which some nutrients necessary to carry out the basic functions of the organism are eliminated by the feces. Similarly, when these nutrients reach the large intestine without having been properly degraded, fermentation occurs causing excessive flatulence, irritation, swelling of the colon, and even diarrhea.

The best enzymes administered in the form of supplements (exogenous) can be used both to treat the deficit of the same (treatment of malabsorption) and to help those people who need a greater contribution of calories to the organism to absorb completely the nutrients of the food eaten. Without digestive enzymes, the body cannot absorb nutrients in foods that do not decompose properly.

Best enzymes also play a key role in the elimination of toxins and the digestion and removal of tissue from scars that accumulate within all of us as we age. As the year’s pass, the human body loses its ability to produce enzymes, which leads to the body working worse, so I recommend adding digestive enzymes in the form of dietary supplements or incorporate foods that carry enough enzymes. Your digestive system, immune system, blood system, kidneys, and pancreas plus your ability to see, think, feel and breathe, all depend on enzymes. All the minerals and vitamins that you eat and all the hormones produced by your body need best enzymes to function properly.

Deficiency of best enzymes and their symptoms:

The lack or destruction of enzymes may be due to the presence of certain pathologies, the aging process itself or certain digestive conditions that affect mainly the stomach and intestine. Enzymatic deficiency is associated with fermentation processes and putrefaction of partially digested food, which can lead to the following symptoms: dyspepsia or difficult digestion, flatulence or aerophagia, skin problems, fatigue or asthenia, muscle or joint pain, increased the risk of gallstones, allergic reactions, and frequent infections, etc.

More functions of best enzymes:

  • In addition, digestive best enzymes can be a healthy alternative to non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • It helps to assist in the process of liver detoxification to help maintain cleaner blood, improve the functionality of white blood cell receptors and their ability to fight infections and improve homeostasis.
  • One more work of the digestive enzymes is that it can lessen the consistency of the blood as there are the traces of fibrin deposits in them. The circulation is increased thus resulting in the reducing veins and wrinkles, increasing penile functionality and increasing healing abilities by reducing post-operative scar tissue.
  • When the immune system is depleted or injured, digestive enzymes can help boost the immune response, producing more natural killer cells and improving the effectiveness of white blood cells, all of which can lead to improved immunity.
  • In any case, it is advisable to make a balanced diet, abounding fresh vegetables for raw consumption, and if necessary, resort to the use of enzyme supplements, to ensure the full use of nutrients from the food eaten and avoid the accumulation of toxic substances in our body.

To ensure correct digestion:

  • Try to eat raw food in each intake, for example, a salad, as this will ensure the necessary contribution of vitamins and minerals necessary for proper digestion. Remember that when cooking food, a large part of vitamins and other nutrients disappear.
  • Do not eat very cold or very hot foods, it is better tempered.
  • Do not eat a lot of food, because although the combination is correct and our enzymes work correctly if more food is eaten than they can cover, the same part of it will remain undigested because the activity of the enzymes has a time of action.
  • Do not drink water during the meal, sooner or later if, since the water liquefies the gastric acids and hinders the enzymatic function.
  • If you are going to consume carbohydrates (bread, pasta, potatoes, rice …), do not take anything lemon or vinegar, or candy, or protein. Combine carbohydrates with vegetables if.
  • If you are going to consume proteins (meat, fish, eggs …), you can take lemon or vinegar, but not other proteins, carbohydrates or sweets. Vegetables and vegetables yes.
  • Avoid sweet desserts always; in any case, you can take an apple or a pear.

The bromelain of pineapple and papain of papaya, act as natural digestive enzymes for our body and help us to digest better, so they can be taken as a dessert, especially if you have eaten proteins.

If your case lasts over time, you suffer gas and indigestion every day and you feel bad about many foods, we recommend that you consult a specialist since your digestive imbalance can produce so many imbalances in your body. Before resorting to the intake of digestive enzymes or other commercial supplements a specialist should evaluate why your digestive system is altered and what is the best background treatment for your case.