All about the uniden udr444

Currently, video security systems are no longer a device reserved only for security companies. Everyone can at home, with some technical skills, install a surveillance camera. But how does this type of camera work?

Two main types of surveillance cameras

Analog cameras: these cameras are joined by a coaxial cable to a television or a monitor, where the images are displayed. They send continuous data streams (sweep) to a storage device (digital recorder).

IP cameras: the IP camera allows a connection to a computer network (connected to the Internet) or by Ethernet cable or by Wi-Fi (wireless). The filmed images can be registered and consulted in real time from a PC or a smartphone via the Internet.

Use an IP camera

  • The installation and use of these cameras are developed in four stages:
  • Connect the surveillance camera to the router: the use of a cable is necessary at this stage.
  • Find and assign the IP address of the camera (this step requires a password, available on the sold equipment).
  • Place the camera in a strategic location.
  • Once the router is synchronized with the camera, the image flow is accessible online through a web page (password protected access).
  • The technical elements of a surveillance camera
  • Image quality: for IP cameras, the quality of the image is determined by the display resolution (1600 x 1200 pixels = very high resolution).
  • The sensor: the essential element, located behind the lens, that allows to capture the light.
  • The luminosity (lux): the luminosity is expressed in lux (between 0, total darkness and 50 000 lux).
  • The goal: varies according to the desired angle of vision.

The different categories of surveillance camera

  • Infrared cameras: at night, they use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) placed around their lens to detect infrared brightness (heat waves) and retransmit images in black and white.
  • Cameras for day and night: they adapt automatically in day mode or in night mode according to the level of brightness.
  • Discrete camera in the form of a dome, motorized domes (possible rotations), spy cameras (which merge into the set).

Uniden udr444

Buying a uniden udr444 is never a bad investment to grab one of the best home security camera systems on the market to give us a peace of mind. Especially as technology continues to grow, we are finding increasingly affordable solutions for those who want a simple security camera or a professional camera system to ensure that their security is top-notch. today we were interested in what was out there, and since the spread of smart devices and wireless technology, they are quite surprised at how high quality these things are. we have been able to narrow our search to 10 of the best home security cameras and systems on the market today.

What does a uniden udr444 has?

  • You can see even more clearly using the 4.3-inch high-resolution color screen zoom.
  • Each camera is for indoor and outdoor with a 12-meter vision range of night vision.
  • The cameras feature a built-in microphone and speakers.
  • Wireless transmission up to 152 meters, from the cameras to the monitor
  • You can record what the cameras transmit, manually, on a scheduled basis, or by means of the infrared motion sensor.

Why buy a uniden udr444?

  • You can expand the system up to 4 cameras (the additional cameras are sold separately). )
  • The box includes: 1 4.3-inch LCD monitor, 2 outdoor / indoor cameras, base / charger for the monitor,
  • 2 bases for the cameras, 3 adapters of AC current, 2 antennas for the cameras, 1 Micro SD memory of 4GB,
  • 1 USB cable, 1 A / V cable and the user manual.

Manufacturer’s description

The Uniden UDR444 digital wireless video surveillance system is easy to set up right out of the box, and allows you to safely monitor your home or office, even in the darkest and wettest of conditions. View images discreetly from 500-Feet away on the 4.3-inch portable high-resolution color monitor. Each camera features a 30-Feet range and built-in microphones so you can capture both video and audio. Record while you’re away either by setting a recording schedule, or by allowing the system’s motion sensors to keep on the lookout. The MicroSD card allows you to watch up to 16 hours of recordings, or you can watch live coverage remotely via Skype, or by using the uad viewing on the hi-res color monitor

Uniden Video Surveillance – Digital Wireless Series (UDR444)

The Uniden UDR444 digital wireless video surveillance system is easy to set-up and allows you to safely, and discreetly, survey your home or office, even in the darkest and wettest conditions. The 4.3 “portable hi-res color monitor will automatically display from up to 500 ‘, while the two cameras each feature at 40’ night vision range with built-in microphones.You can record while you’re away by scheduling a recording, choosing to manually record, or by relying on motion sensors Watch up to 12 hours of recording from the MicroSD card, watch live coverage remotely via Skype.

Recording Options to Suit Your Needs

You have a range of options to choose from with the Uniden UDR444 series of video surveillance systems. Manually record while you’re around, schedule recordings while you’re away, or rely on the convenience of Passive Infrared Sensor (PIR) motion-sensing technologies to be on the lookout for you.

Add Cameras to Expand Your View

Day or night, the 40 ‘range of the two weatherproof cameras (included) provides the security you need, or opt to expand to four cameras and expand your view.

Monitors Offer Excellent Clarity for Easy Viewing

The 4.3 “color hi-res monitor lets you clearly see what you need. And with the ability to zoom in, you can see even more detail when required.

Rechargeable Battery with Auto Power-Save Lasts for Hours

The rechargeable Lithium Polymer (Li-Poly) battery delivers long-lasting value and performance up to 4.5 hours, with the added bonus of an auto power-save feature on your battery’s energy is not wasted.

Easy Set-Up Saves You Time

The Uniden UDR444 surveillance system is easy to set-up. The cameras are already paired to the monitor right out of the box, and the intuitive user interface makes it a snap to tailor the system to your needs.