Three Easy Steps to Download YouTube videos in MP3 Version

Recent advancement in online social media has encouraged the viewers and users to find entertainment options without any problem. There are hundreds of online video sharing social services providing such facilities to the users. YouTube is among the most popular and famous options available for the entertainment and fun. Purpose of this social video sharing website depends on the users. Majority of the people use it to download videos while some use it for promotion, business and other activities. Downloading a video from YouTube sounds little complicated. Do you know how to download a video in MP3 format from this site? This article will explain it in three simple steps.

Use a conversion web service:

There are so many opportunities to get the YouTube videos in desired MP3 format. It would be better if you try to learn about the simple ways. This web services explains the easiest ways and methods for online downloading. By using these steps, it is easy for the viewers to download the YouTube videos in MP3 version. Downloading a streaming file (clip) in video or audio format depends on the selection by users. If you are interested to get the high quality version then choose the right option. Here are some steps to use the conversion website.

  • Copy the URL of video from YouTube and paste it in the URL box of conversion website.
  • Choose MP-3 version for output (Audio or video Version).
  • Press “Start Conversion” and wait for a few seconds. This process will take a few minutes to find and convert the videos from YouTube. Remember, the site will ask about the file size and quality.
  • Click on “Download File” and it will start the downloading process. You can save the file on desktop or in any other device of the PC.

Try browser extension:

This method also works but you will be required to search the extensions compatible with your system and browser. Visit to have more information about the browser extensions best for the YouTube video downloading in mp3 format. There you will learn about the extensions for different web browsers including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.

Using the browser extension is one of the easiest methods because it starts downloading and converts the files automatically in desired format. The only thing you should maintain is the compatibility of a browser’s extension with web browser.

Get conversion software:

This is another opportunity for the people who want to convert the YouTube videos into mp3 version. Remember, the conversion software and applications work with the system so configuration must be compatible. Normally these programs work automatically. In most of the cases the users don’t need to set the file destination again and again. Just consider following steps to enjoy mp3 videos.

  • Select output destination.
  • Choose output version.
  • Click download button.


The use of online conversion service mainly depends on internet speed. Try because it works better with slow internet connections.

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