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Employers Responsibility for Workers safety

Regardless of whether the employee is working in a factory or in a construction as the agreement with the employer, he is expected to take good care of them in terms of safety
Failure to which an employee can claim compensation for damages
Employers should ensure that they have: Employer liability insurance which will ensure that they are able to pay the employee in an event that a claim for an accident at work is made against them. The insurance also ensures that the employees is not subjected to a disciplinary action after such a claim is made employers should ensure that their working environment is free from the following

  1. Inadequate, damaged or general unsafe equipment; Should your employer provide equipment or machinery that is unsafe and an employee is injured then your employer is liable for compensating the employee
  2. A lack of safety equipment. It is an obligation for the employer to provide the employee with safety equipment to use in their day to day activities. Not only should they provide this but also instruct employees how to use them the necessary guard, gloves helmets, and clothing must be available to employees.
  3. A special case of asbestos injuries that can occur in any working environment. The law stipulates that if an individual finds that they have suffered from being exposed to asbestos, they may be able to pressure a claim.

Person’s job is primary for his identity and it is a reason meeting with the accident on work is traumatic and upsetting and it is true if accident happened because of negligence of an employer. If an employer has failed, injured worker will seek for compensation. There are a lot of people who go through accident claims when being at their work. Injuries are been caused because of different reasons. Suppose you’ve suffered injury because of accident at work, and you can make the claim. The injuries that are suffered at workplace will lead to some serious problems.

You are finding it very difficult to carry on with the work and suffer physically and emotionally. You should not ignore these injuries. Suppose you are not sure as how to make the claim, you may seek help from the accident lawyer. They will guide you to make the suitable claim. The accident on work lawyer will help you to get the suitable compensation for injuries that are suffered. They can help you to get the compensation fast. You may benefit immensely from such kind of the claim. You might have suffered injury because of any reason. Injury might have resulted because of unsafe working state, dangerous equipments, inadequate training, and more. Whatever be a reason, you may opt for service. With such kind of the compensation claims, you may better the situation. The employers are also bound by duty in giving the compensation for injuries that are suffered to the employees. It’s duty of the employers to offer secure working surrounding to all employees.

Blue Cheer

Blue Cheer in an hour long concert video
Catch the band’s feature on Up All Night

The pioneers of heavy metal, punk, stoner rock and much more have made a new statement.

Blue Cheer is BACK.

Dickie Peterson, Paul Whaley and Andrew “Duck” MacDonald are touring America and the world, debuting their new CD, “What Doesn’t Kill You…” on a stage near you.

Check out Blue Cheer sound samples, tour dates, pictures, the message board, and this legendary band’s long, proud history right here. You’ll find out a lot that you didn’t know before.

Check out Blue Cheer’s
NEW CD. Click here for a sound sample, or click here to buy it.
Click here for Tour Dates
Also, check out Blue Cheer’s MySpace page for the latest news.Blue Cheer…The Beast is Back.

Wanna own a piece of authentic Blue Cheer history? Paul Whaley is auctioning off the drum set he used on Live In Japan, HERE (popup window)